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Telling a Child You’ll Be There

A foster mother faces a difficult struggle with a two-year-old when it comes time for his scheduled sibling visits. For several weeks she’s found getting him into the car has meant dealing with protests and tantrums that include kicking and screaming.  The foster mother shares this story with the child’s CASA. Later, as the CASA plays with the child at the foster home, she asks about his sibling visit that day. “He’s emphatic he doesn’t want to go, so I offer to meet him and we discuss how I would be at the Visitor Center to play too.”  The child gets into the car for the visit without much fussing, but starts to pull back as he approaches the center.  “When he spots me at the door he runs into my arms and we all go in together. He plays with great enthusiasm, running, climbing and laughing with his brothers.” Ever since, he’s been going to visits without objection.