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How To Help

Become An Advocate

In an overburdened social welfare system, abused and neglected children often slip through the cracks.  CASA advocates-people just like you-can make a difference like you can help make a difference.

 CASA is appointed to cases by family court judges, CASA assigns an advocate to a case it is typically for a family (e.g. one, two or more children).  The advocate remains assigned until the court either returns the child home or places the child in a safe, permanent home, and closes the case. While so many people come and go in the lives of neglected and abused children, a CASA  provides a constant presence that is so needed for a child to thrive and move on in life.

Each advocate gets to know the critical people in a child's life: parents, key relatives, foster parents, teacher, medical specialists, attorney, social worker and others. The information gathered is used by the advocate to inform judges and others about progress in having the child move toward a safe permanent home.

We welcome CASA applicants from all walks of life. We look for people who care about children. Applicants also need common sense- sound, prudent judgement based on perception of everyday matters, situations, and facts.  As a volunteer, you will be thoroughly trained and well supported by our staff to help you as your case moves through family court.

To become a CASA, an applicant must pass a background check, attend our 33-hour pre-service training course, and agree to stay with an assigned case until it is closed in family court (typically, 18-24 months). We encourage you to read more on this site about the requirements and role of being a CASA advocate.