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Making a Fearless Commitment to Help Abused Children


Including connecting them with a parent in prison – “the one stabilizing force in their lives”

According to the petition filed in court, there has been a history of violence and serious abuse within this family. The CASA assigned to the case is very concerned about the children who remain in the home, and is absolutely persistent about making regular home visits to check up on them. Such visits require long, repeated ringing of the doorbell until finally a child appears. The CASA’s professional career has been spent in nursing, and on one visit she sees the oldest child has burns on both hands, the result of efforts to feed younger siblings. In addition to reporting in court what she finds, the CASA provides lessons about what the child can safely cook and how to cook it. One of many other things she does is to take this child and siblings to see their father regularly because he is incarcerated. She drives the children to Attica every month because she’s learned that he is “the one stabilizing force in their lives.”