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Assisting a Foster Mother

A pre-school child who was the victim of severe abuse uses grunts, facial expressions and eye blinks to communicate. He’s playful and physically active but often keeps food in his mouth, rather than chewing and swallowing it. The CASA recognizes, along with others involved in his case, “He’s making efforts to speak but has no real words.”  Once placed in the county’s care, the boy attends a daycare program where he receives weekly speech therapy. It’s apparent to the CASA, however, that the foster mother knows little about his speech exercises or how to utilize them. CASA contacts the speech pathologist and requests a protocol the foster mother can use to reinforce the therapy. The child soon begins making progress. Today he not only speaks but also identifies his wishes and responds to others appropriately. He’s become a good eater. Adoption is on the near-term horizon.