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Executive Director

CASA of Rochester/Monroe County Executive Director


Position Summary: The CASA Executive Director (ED) is responsible for the overall management of the program and all aspects of the operations. This primarily involves the coordination of a volunteer service providing CASA Advocacy to abused and neglected children to achieve our mission in accordance with the strategic plan and policies developed with the Board of Directors.

The Executive Director will create, lead and help implement the organization’s fund development plan with the goal of diversifying and increasing grant, event and individual donor revenues to build capacity and support the strategic direction of the organization.

Key responsibilities include, but are not restricted to:



●                   Bachelor’s Degree

●                   Supervision or management experience with a minimum of 5 years related experience in administration of volunteer, nonprofit, or public service agencies. 

●                   Successful clearance of background checks and references.



●                   Knowledge and understanding of issues and dynamics within families in crisis relating to child neglect and abuse and the child welfare system.

●                   Master’s Degree

●                   Excellent written and oral communication skills, including presentation and training

●                   Ability to work effectively with a volunteer board and committees

●                   Ability to plan, monitor and evaluate budgets

●                   Experience in writing and administering grants

●                   Comfortable interacting with diverse populations

●                   Ability to organize, plan and implement activities appropriate to further organizational goals

●                   Ability to maintain confidentiality and be discreet 


Salary and benefit package: $50,000-$57,000 range

Program Development and Management

●                   Oversee program staff to develop effective quality services within the CASA model, monitoring progress towards program goals and objectives.

●                   Develop, with the board, strategic plans to direct and prioritize the program's activities.

●                   Oversee program compliance with National CASA standards, NYS CASA contract, Court Rules and all applicable oversight agencies policies and requirements.

●                   Liaison with Family Court judges (as allowed), staff, DHS staff and other agency personnel with which CASA engages in their advocacy duties.

●                   Liaison with National CASA and NYS CASA on program development and related projects.


Board of Directors Liaison

●                   Support the development and maintenance of a strong and active Board of Directors to govern and raise funds to sustain the organization.

●                   Attend and articulate program status as an ex-officio member of the Board, including preparation of reports and other supportive tasks.

●                   Attend and assist committee meetings as necessary.

●                   Execution of the comprehensive strategic plan as assembled by the Board.


General Administration: Personnel Management

●                   Recruit, employ, develop and supervise a diverse staff to work as a coordinated team to attain program goals, ensuring optimal use of organization’s resources.

●                   Oversee job description development, training, and evaluation of staff to support their development of job-specific competencies to optimize their current and future responsibilities.

●                   Review the Employee Handbook to ensure adherence to state, federal, and local labor laws; obtain Board approval for content changes.


General Administration: Fiscal Management

●                   Manage the fiscal operations of the organization, utilizing sound financial practices and in accordance with accounting guidelines.

●                   Develop an operating budget, consistent with goals, and present to the board for review and approval.

●                   Manage and report all state, federal, local and private funds in accordance with regulation and any contractual agreements.


Fund Development

●                   Develop, with Board representation, a Fund Development Plan to reflect a diverse set of funding sources to support operations and any new initiatives identified in the strategic plan.

●                   Identify appropriate funding sources, including corporate sponsors, and write or coordinate grant proposals. Manage all grants received to meet funder’s expectations and submit all reports as required.

●                   Support Board, staff and volunteers in fundraising activities to achieve optimum success.


Community and Public Relations

●                   Coordinate public relations to recruit volunteers and increase public awareness of the CASA mission, program, and related activities.

●                   Represent and serve as the voice of the organization with relevant constituents, Board of Directors, government and agency leaders, the public etc.

●                   Develop and maintain relationships with appropriate groups, agencies, and organizations including other advocacy organizations, court-based initiatives, and non-profit community organizations to support fund development.




CASA of Rochester/Monroe County is committed to equal employment opportunity. We will not discriminate against employees of applicants for employment on any legally-recognized basis including but not limited to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, physical or mental disability, veteran status, uniformed service member status, or genetic information.


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